• The time-tested, one-step surface care process that requires no additional products to clean, shine, and protect your car's paint and many other surfaces. Over time, it conditions those surfaces so that minimal time and effort is needed to keep your car looking at its best. Does not contain wax or silicon.

  • Today's cars are coated with clearcoat which serves as a protector and is the reason why a new car has a brilliant shine. The paint which is under this clearcoat with its UV protection prevents the paint from fading. Clearcoat resembles plastic similar to a plastic lens. Have you ever seen someone wax their glasses? So why would you wax a cars surface? The surface should be smooth and free of all build ups so as to see through the clearcoat like a lens to expose the beauty of the paint color.

ULTRA FINISH AUTO POLISH does two things: 
1) It makes the surface smooth as a lens
2) It cleans the surface free of contaminants without coating that surface.

ULTRA FINISH is used by the most demanding car enthusiasts (click on red). Please visit the Ultra Finish
booth at a classic car show in your area!

Use Ultra Finish On
  • ClearCoat (CLICK ON RED)
  • or Any Type of Paint
  • Chrome
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglas

Glass, Including Windshields

  • Hard Rubber
  • Plexiglas
    and more!



Ultra Finish Removes:
  • Oxidation from laquer and enamel (CLICK ON RED)
  • Sun Fade 
  • Tar
  • Bugs
  • Old Wax
  • Surface Scratches
  • Swirls and Haze
  • Water Marks
  • Over-spray
  • Grease
  • Buff Marks
  • Tree Sap
  • Scuff Marks
  • and More!

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