Use Ultra Mist On:

* Clearcoat or Any Type of Paint
* Chrome
* Plastic
* Fiberglas
* Glass, Including Windshields
* Hard Rubber
* Plexiglas
* and more!

Ultra Mist Removes:

* Dirt
* Bugs
* Swirls and Haze
* Water Marks
* Grease
* Buff Marks
* Tree Sap
* Soft Tar
* Brake Dust
* and MORE !

* Here is a spray and wipe that lubricates the dirt away to a smooth clean scratch free surface. Never have to use soap or water again to clean your car. It works even better in the sun, on either a cold or hot surface and will not haze,dust or streak. Swirls can be eliminated in most situations. This is one reason why owners of show cars trust using it! ULTRA MIST brings back the beauty of the original shine your car had before it was dirty. Use it on windshields and do it better than that r.x product. SAFE FOR ANY NON-POROUS MATERIAL. Does not contain wax or silicon.
* ULTRA MIST is so good that corporate jets are using it inside and outside  the planes on almost any surface.
* Ultra Mist is used by the most demanding car enthusiasts. Please visit the Ultra Finish booth at a classic car show in your area!
* If you're in a drought area of the country or live in the city without access to a water supply you may never have to depend on water again!

Since we developed Ultra Mist, i have yet to use water and soap to wash any of my cars. Depending on how dirty it could be, my time cleaning them can be as little as five min.but not longer than 30 min. In ten years my 1997Chev. black pick up truck and 2000 Pontiac GPRIX still have that crystal deep smooth reflective shine.

ULTRA MIST is used to clean those huge corporate jet aircraft as a maintenance instead of using soap and water.

Ultra Mist (choose size):

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